The Stelth Headwear Family would like to say congrats to Sean Malto for winning the Street league Championships. If you didnt catch the contest on ESPN,  we strongly suggest you look it up. Malto Was flawless and  at the end of the day he took home a fat check for $200,000!


Hurricane Irene ?

Well it looks like Hurricane Irene is turning heads and Making news . To all the family and friends back east  All we can say is  stay stocked up, hold on  and if you got lights and Power now is a good time to stock up on some movies from Red box.  We are prayin for you guys  and hopefully next week all is back to normal.

Es footwear R.I.P

So if you havent heard ES footwear decided to Pull the plug and call it quits. How could this happen to one of the best Footwear  brands in 2000. Hopefully one day these guys decide to bring the brand back with their best seller the ACCEL !  and if they do they betta have a sick team to back it because once you leave and  then make the come back you betta come back 3 times as hard.  Just ask Brett Farve.

cross roads tradeshow 2011

The Cross Roads trade show brings 3 good things every year, Great People, a preview of the best skate products in the industry and Great skateboarding! If you could’nt make it or didnt stick around for  the  best trick then you missed the ripping from Sean Sheffey,Chris Cole,Pete Eldrige,Manny Santiago and a Rare appearance from J Cassanova aka Jereme Rogers. Good Job black box  this one was done Proper!


Hopps skateboards dropped a new ad that is very Freshing. Hopps owner and Pro skater Jahmal williams  is always bringing you something thats timeless and classic. We can only Guess that the inspiration behind the ad comes from the HOT Miami summers.  if you havent heard of Hopps check em out at “KEEP IT MOVING”



Julian wins another one!

Julian Christianson is  from Denver Colorado and all we gotta say is you betta Recognize! Julian has  been on a contest Tear all year and after winning the Element Make it count contest series Homie is finally starting to turn Some heads , Stelth Headwear is proud to support this brotha .If your ever in the 303 stop by Denver skate park and watch the Humble shredder do his thing.


Well it looks like Washington Dc will be  getting a new skate plaza after the Maloof Money cup contest  thats coming up in Sept. The Maloof brothers have been doing alot for skateboarding and all we can say is BIG UPS! We support what you guys are doing  and   from the pics we saw of the  Park it looks like its going to be a good one.