Stelth headwear steady hooking it up

The stelth crew went to the Sundiego “AM” Slam this past weekend and We saw our little  Homie Noah ripping the contest and park. After we saw his sweaty cap it was a simple descion to Give him  the Stelth”Classic” This kid is one of the many ripping  Groms holding it down for the  future Generation. Cant wait to see you at the next spot homie.


Stelth Headwear supports “The wounded warrior project”

The Stelth Team  is all about making sure people” recongize perfection” We mostly like to point out Athletes, Artist , filmers,Photographers.,  etc.  Sometimes we forget some of our real Hero’s that Protect our freedom for the great country we live in.  We got some hat ideas in the works for the” wounded warrior project ” but until  we make a hat  we will be supporting this project with a percentage of sales from each hat  going to this project to support those that put  their life on the lines daily for our freedom! if you wanna support directly go to “WOUNDEDWARRIORPROJECT.ORG”   GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

underground ripper Ronson Lambert

We just wanted to point out a underground Ripper that  many dont Notice. Ronson Lambert has been killing it for years in the Carlsbad area and if you havent heard of him , then you should look this brotha up on” Youtube” this guy is a  tech master on the stuntwood. Ronson has had Many video parts under his belt and  with him  ripping everyday  and no signs of slowing down its only a matter of time before him drops another  gem on us.