The St Louis Cardinals come up BIG!

Well Im  sure by now some of you have heard that the St Louis Cardinals won the World series. I honestly dont think  people are  shocked that they won ,but how they won! The Cards  where Dead in the water a few times and  still  pulled   off a huge Upset to the Rangers. Can you say “HEART!”


New product in Shops

Weve had a busy last two months and we just wanted to say Thanks to all the shops that have been supporting Stelth Headwear. We got a few new shops that just started to Carrying the product. We got some Pics from “DECADE BOARDSHOP” in Vista Ca  .  The Deal going at this shop is that anyone who buys a hat or Beanie gets a Free”Stelth Shirt” all sizes available. This deal will not Last long don’t sleep get yours now!

Jed Shooter repping Stelth in NC”

 Stelth is proud to have Long time Ripper Jed Shooter repping our Headwear in North”Caka”  ,Which Stands for North Carolina for those who dont know. Jed Brings us that East Coast mentality   which is really refreshing  being that Some of the Stelth staff grew up in the South East region .  Jed is also apart of the D.I.Y crew ” Do it yourself crew”  and is ready to build and make spots  anywhere.   Keep Checking back  footy from Jed will be coming soon.

Stelth headwear welcomes Bryant Chapo

Stelth Headwear would like to Welcome Bryant Chapo to the Family. This dude hails from Albuquerque ,New Mexico but now resides in Sunny Carlsbad Ca. Chapo is a All Around ripper and has been turning heads  with   hammers on the San Diego Streets as well as Local contests .  I know hes got some Bangers  in the works that hes about to  drop  and when you see them.. just remember who told you first.

Mikey Got a new ride!

With the Price of Gas going up every month people are looking  at other options for transportation.  Here we have Mikey  cruzin down the street wearing the Stelth “OPTS” Beanie.  Mikey gets to save gas with a big smile  on his face while showing off  his new whip. Note to bike riders 1.” Beware of  low Clearace levels” 2. dont not take sharp turns.

once your a legend your always a legend

We found this old pic of Sean Sheffey at the Last and final “ASR” Trade show Im glad this guy is back in the game and going hard. Our Crew over here at Stelth are Huge Sheffey fans and  we  are glad to see a Legend doing what a Legend does! which is being great! If you dont know about Sheff and the history that he layed ,built  ,shaped and molded with his Powerful  east coast skating then we suggest you check out the  youtube also has some classic parts  that are worth checking.  We are also hyped that Blind,Laced and Sole-tech  are in full Sheffey support and has a brothas back! Yeah “SHEFFEY!