stelth headwear was created in 2010 .The mission is simple ,to design and produce headwear with quality,style and function. The crown logo represents how we view our headwear, which is more than hats we view them as crowns. We recognize perfection  and   support those inspired to follow their dreams. We support skateboarders,Artists,Dj’s, snowboarding,martial arts,Photographers,bmx,surf and many charities world wide.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Whats up,

    My names eric witmer and im from west chester, pa. I run a blog called http://nephewmarcus.blogspot.com/ and I do interviews with pro/am skateboarders as well as brand/product write ups. I was wondering if you’d be down if I did a write up on Stelth. I would be helping you out and in return you could possibly hook me up with a snapback or something? Tell me what youre thinking.

    thanks and I hope youre all having an awesome week,

    • Check out some of the videos of some of the guys we work with , check out youtube channel with Bryant Chapo,Julian Christianson, Anthony Shetler,. Austin Lenahan
      thanks for checking us out, also what shops are in your area? we would love to get some of products in your area, do you have a shop sponsor?

    • Hey Nick
      Sorry for the late reply you can send us video and our marketing team will check it out.. do you ride for a skate shop?
      what shops are close to you..We would love to get some of products on the side, thanks

  2. Hey, we have a lot of shops out here in TN that you could put your products in and how long does our “sponsor me” video need to be?

  3. Hey I’m a 12 year old kid looking for a first sponsor if you guys can help me out and launch my career in skating that would be amazing I wont let you guys down if you can get back to me as soon as possible that would nice

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